Luiz Felipe Cortizo Gonçalves De Azevedo Filho

Competing for: BrazilAge: 49

Son of the two time Olympic Team Bronze Medallist and Brazilian Luiz Felipe de Azevedo, Luiz Felipe Jr had to be a rider. Exporting his father’s concept FAPE stables in Belgium, Luiz Felipe rode his first LGCT show back in 2008 and followed the Tour for several seasons. He had the chance to wear the green Brazilian jacket for Nations Cup and compete in the 2017 Nations Cup Final in Barcelona.


Fast facts:

Competed in the 2017 Nations Cup Final in Barcelona

4th of the 5* Nations Cup Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi in 2018

  • Sierra du Piedroux Z
  • Hoselinde
  • Hermes van de Vrombautshoeve
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