Edwina Tops-Alexander

Edwina Tops-Alexander
Competing for: AustraliaFrom: MonacoAge: 49

Edwina was a newcomer to the Valkenswaard United team in 2021, but definitely not to the GCL team competition, as she competed with the Shanghai Swans in 2016, followed by a season with the Moscow Bears and two seasons with the St Tropez Pirates. Her 2019 season was marked with two-second place finishes in Paris and Valkenswaard, and in 2021, Valkenswaard United were crowned overall season champions. 

Edwina rides for Valkenswaard United once more in 2023, alongside some top names including Marcus Ehning and John Whitaker, and the team will be bidding to bring back their championship crown!

  • Fellow Castlefield
  • Corelli de Mies
  • Toulini Olympic
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