30 May - 1 June 2024

Ramatuelle / Saint-Tropez

The glamorous and sophisticated French Riviera town of Saint-Tropez hosts the sixth leg of the 2024 season, with the arena only a stone’s throw away from the turquoise waters of Pampelonne beach.

Ramatuelle / Saint-Tropez
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St Tropez is a town on the French Riviera and began life as a military stronghold and fishing village and remained so until the beginning of the 20th century.

St Tropez  was the first town on its coast to be liberated during World War II and later, it became an internationally known seaside resort,  renowned  principally because of the influx of artists who were part of the 'French New Wave' in cinema. It later became a resort for wealthy European and American tourists. 

Famous St Tropez resident Brigitte Bardot came to St-Tropez in the 1950s and was “discovered”  after starring in Et Dieu Créa la Femme (And God Created Woman; 1956). Overnight the town transformed the peaceful fishing village of St Tropez into a  glamorous destination for those wanting to combine casual luxury in an up market setting.

The yachts of the rich and famous can be seen  at the Vieux Port, where tourists stroll by to admire them and the bars opposite offer a great place for people watching as the sun goes down.

Surrounded by around 40 different beaches, including the famous Pampelonne beach, St Tropez offers plenty of places to relax,  as well as lots of places to shop and eat. From luxury stores and high end eateries to the more informal markets and cafes there is something for everyone.


Population of Saint Tropez

6 Million

Tourists per year

15 - 25 C

Average temperature during LGCT

    How To Get There


    Travel requirements

    Please find full travel requirement information at this link: 

    Event Location

    Route de l'Épi, 83350 Ramatuelle


    Airport Location

    Cannes-Mandelieu Airport - 43°32'53.3"N 6°57'07.4"E

    70km from Saint Tropez taking roughly 1H15 without traffic. 

    Nice Côte d’Azur Airport - 43°39'37.0"N 7°12'54.3"E

    105km from Saint Tropez taking roughly 1H30 without traffic. 

    Toulon-Hyères Airport - 43°05'40.4"N 6°09'02.9"E

    53km from Saint Tropez taking roughly 55 minutes without traffic


    Airport transfer services

    There is a wide variety of transport options at all of the above airports including taxi, car rental, train and bus. 


    Getting Around

    The most efficient way to explore the area and access the famous beaches of Saint-Tropez is by renting a car at either the airport or train station. Taxis are also available from Saint-Tropez to the beaches and key areas. 

    Local Culture and Customs


    Be aware that while some people in France speak English, many people do not and so it is advisable to try one or two words of French before asking if someone speaks English or another language. 


    When entering a business, restaurant, shop, bakery, museum etc. it is customary to greet anyone working there with a ‘bonjour madame/monsieur’.


    Saint-Tropez is a renowned prestigious holiday destination, and so it is advisable to consider the dress code when going into restaurants, bars and clubs.

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