02 February 2024

Your GC Lounge Experience in Miami Beach, Explained!

Your GC Lounge Experience in Miami Beach, Explained!

In a celebration of tradition and excellence, the Longines Global Champions Tour proudly returns to the sun-kissed shores of Miami Beach for the 8th time. This enduring partnership has become a staple in the city's legacy, evolving into an equestrian spectacle that captivates with each passing year. Step into the next chapter of this remarkable journey, where the heart of the sport beats strongest on the iconic beaches of Miami.

Against the backdrop of  South Beach’s iconic skyline and the vibrant blue Atlantic Ocean, the Longines Global Champions Tour transforms Miami Beach into a spectacular arena where athleticism meets luxury.

Ringside Sophistication - the GC Lounge

2024 sees the GC Lounge revamped with a whole new offering on the cards. Indulge in seaside sophistication in the GC Lounge: hear the echoes of hoofbeats and crashing waves as you take your ringside seats.

Exclusive Experience:

Select your preferred table for either 2 or 4 guests within the covered GC Lounge area. Your GC Lounge ticket ensures an unparalleled experience, including:

  • An exclusive reserved table for 2 or 4 guests, providing premium views of the arena with advertised prices reflective of the 2 or 4 guest attendance
  • A complimentary bar serving non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine
  • Complimentary snacks, coffee and tea throughout the day
  • An a la carte menu of fine foods, champagne and cocktails available to purchase. 


Book Your GC Lounge Experience:

Be part of an exclusive gathering where the love of sport meets the luxury lifestyle of Miami Beach. Your table awaits - immerse yourself in the magic of the Longines Global Champions Tour like never before. Book your GC Lounge Experience now.


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