31 August 2022

WATCH NOW: Road to the Playoffs | Henrik von Eckermann

WATCH NOW: Road to the Playoffs | Henrik von Eckermann

Take 15 world-beating riders, teamed up with some of the most talented horses on the planet, and pit them against each other for the ultimate high-stakes showdown in the magical city of Prague, and what do you have? The Longines Global Champions Tour Super Grand Prix – one of the most prestigious and high-octane competitions in history. 

Qualifying and scoring an invite for the LGCT Super Grand Prix is no easy feat –  to do so, riders must take the title of one of the LGCT Grand Prix on the circuit. If the title holder is already qualified, second place getter gets a chance to compete at the GC Prague Playoffs to vie for the ultimate title, and who will come out on top of the world’s best athletes.

Securing second place to Christian Ahlmann in the LGCT Grand Prix of Stockholm, Henrik von Eckermann aboard his World Championship winning mount King Edward has secured his ticket to the Global Champions Playoffs.

Henrik’s choice of dinner party guests didn’t surprise us too much, yet his dancing skills and fighter pilot aspirations were all interesting elements of our conversation as we hit the road with the current world champion for Road to the Playoffs!

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Road to the Playoffs | Henrik von Eckermann

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