19 December 2022

WATCH NOW: Fan Call with Ludger Beerbaum

WATCH NOW: Fan Call with Ludger Beerbaum

What would you say if you had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with your hero?  

Four lucky fans were selected to join a video call with none other than four-time Olympic Gold Medallist, multi-time winner of Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix’s including a stellar 2022 season, taking the title of the LGCT Grand Prix of Doha and Mexico, German champion, Ludger Beerbaum.  

From what catches his eye in young horses, to the early days of his career, and advice for the up-and-coming generation of riders, Ludger provided compelling answers to his captivated fans… 

Interview snapshot: 

Q: What qualities do you look for in up and coming horses?  

A: What in the end makes the difference in the end to the ones with power, talent, good shape and carefulness, is the interior. How willing and intelligent they are.  

Q: What was the most difficult lesson you had to learn as a rider? 

A: What the horses and working with the horses taught me is patience. Not force things too soon or too quick.  

Q: Who or what inspired you to start riding horses? 

A: From the early days I was actually a little bit afraid of horses, so it was a friend who was really, really keen who was brave. I was watching him for the weeks and months, and when he showed that he had fun and was enjoying it… that is when I tried and step by step, I followed him.  

Q: What do you see as the most common mistake as young rider? 

A: If I look back you probably learn as much from doing mistakes as much as winning, so sometimes the young people are a bit too keen – they force the success in some areas too much. You can only do as much as the horse power you have allows you to do.  

Watch the compelling and educational video in full: 


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