01 July 2023

Uber Consistent Wilton Porter Wins Constance Hotels Challenge!

Uber Consistent Wilton Porter Wins Constance Hotels Challenge!

The Constance Hotel Challenge has been decided! After three incredibly intense and high-octane events, the collaboration between the Longines Global Champions Tour and Constance Hotels & Resorts has been won by Wilton Porter of the USA!

Having received points throughout the three French Riviera events of the Longines Global Champions Tour in Ramatuelle / Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monaco, a final ranking of the best 2* rider of the series has been announced today.

Consistency, competitive spirit and a love for the sport of show jumping has been a key for the final result, with the top riders of the series being:

1st Place - Wilton Porter - 476.5 Points

2nd Place - Ines Joly - 409.75 Points

3rd Place - Sebastian Kapel - 356.75 Points

Constance Hotels & Resorts are providing six once-in-a-lifetime packages for a weekly stay at their luxurious resorts. The best 2* riders from each event have been rewarded with a package, as well as the best three riders from the ranking after the Monaco leg.

The collaboration between LGCT and Constance Hotels & Resorts aims to offer a unique experience to riders and to promote the sport of show jumping globally. With luxury resorts in some of the most stunning destinations in the world, Constance Hotels & Resorts is the perfect partner to enhance the experience of LGCT riders.

The challenge has lived up to its promise of being exciting event for both the riders and fans of the sport, and LGCT and Constance Hotels & Resorts are thrilled to have collaborated on this unique concept. The project has presented a fantastic opportunity for CSI 2* riders to showcase their skills and compete for an exclusive prize.

Speaking after his win, a rather speechless Wilton Porter said: 
"I have had two really great horses and really consistent results which I am really proud off, and this has luckily won me a couple of awards from Constance Hotel. It developed into a goal as i jumped the shows and started to realise i was in the lead overall then it became really important to maintain that consistency which we did here in the last leg!"

With the horsepower who he has partnered with to win this award, Porter gave a little bit of insight into his approach: "I've brought two nine year olds, so they're a little bit less experienced, but I think they're trending really well and hopefully they will be doing the five star Global Tours. One has been a bit of a speed specialist, his name is Jack, and he has won quite a few classes here. My Grand Prix horse Sternmarkere, has been in the top ten in every single Grand Prix that he's done - so, really solid."

And where to next? Wilton will head to the Longines Global Champions Tour of Rome and London with the aim of continuing his winning streak!

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