05 March 2022

Tribute To Much-Loved Italian veterinarian Alessandro Centinaio

Tribute To Much-Loved Italian veterinarian Alessandro Centinaio

Highly-respected International Veterinarian Alessandro Centinaio has sadly passed away today in hospital following a short illness.


Alessandro affectionately known as 'Sandro' was a well-known and popular figure in the international show jumping world and he attended every Longines Global Champions Tour event in charge of the emergency vet services.


The welfare of the horses was the most important thing for Sandro and he was much loved by those he worked with, riders and grooms who all appreciated his sense of humour and passion for show jumping and the love of the horse.

In 2011, Sandro launched an initiative with the goal of providing top-class care facilities for the horses competing on our circuit. As a result, a unique mobile veterinary clinic is available to all horses participating in the Championship series 24 hours a day for the duration of the event. The fully-equipped clinic truck features state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapy machines. This mobile facility, was the brainchild Centinaio.


Nothing was ever too much for Sandro and he  made a point of being in the stables as much as possible to be with the groom, to eat with them and spend time with them. This way he built lasting relationships and showed everyone he was always available to help. ​


Sandro was committed to working as a mentor to help develop the careers of people in the sport and will be sadly missed by all his colleagues and friends around the world.  


Everyone at LGCT and GCL sends heartfelt sympathy to Sandro's wife, family and friends during this difficult time.

You will be extremely missed.


Ciao, Sandro

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Jan Tops - Founder & President