23 June 2023

The team with 2 faces: Prague Lions powered by Czech Equestrian Team

The team with 2 faces: Prague Lions powered by Czech Equestrian Team

For a team that finally made the sacred Top 4 in 2022 and got straight into the Semi-Final at their home stage at the GCL Super Cup, a penalty per round average of 4,2 for the Prague Lions is dramatic. Halfway through the season they would rank 8th based on that statistic but somehow they are one of the most exciting teams to watch this season, currently just out of the Top 4 in 6th. Here’s why.

In Stockholm they produced their 4th double clear of the season in Round 2, led by an exquisite Fernando Martinez Sommer who got his first clears on the board for the Lions. Devos finished the job with another fast clear and the team waited and watched other team fail to produce the same results. Waiting and watching is what they’ve been doing all season, the reason for both their troubles and star factor.

 R1 vs R2

It has everything to do with how they perform in Round 1 where one could arguably call them one of the worst performing teams of the season. The big hit of Bruynseels and Matador in the initial round in Madrid got the Belgian out of the ring on a score of 24 with his teammate Devos riding a clear and controlling the damage. 

In Cannes it was Claire Z that ducked out of the double landing the team in last place after R1.

And last weekend in Stockholm the Lions started R2 with the 8 penalties from Pals.

That’s just 5 clears and a penalty per round average of 6,5 in Round 1, being the 4th highest of the league.

The flip side is that with 4 double clears in Round 2 they are the best team in the championship. With a total of 11 clears out of 14 appearances in Round 2 (Miami was considered as a Round 2 stage) they even out perform Riesenbeck International powered by Kingsland by 3 and they count 4 more Round 2 clears than Madrid in Motion. Even their R2 penalty per round average is mind-blowing. 

At 1.4 pen/rnd they collect half the penalties of Riesenbeck in Round 2, which is considered the toughest of the 2 rounds in Global Champions League, sitting strongly at 1.60m height. 

The very opposing results from Round 1 to Round 2 make that this team have provided for great viewing and storylines as every time they spectacularly move up the stage standing after Round 1. In Doha they made up 8 places, in Madrid they climbed 5, in Cannes they went up 6 and in Stockholm they rose 8 spots from Round 1 to the final ranking. It does not come as a surprise that the team is now nicknamed the Comeback Kids.

They have the quality to have been the kings of the jungle and fight for the championship, however, once the Lions get their R1 troubles under control they can change from exciting ‘Comeback Kids’ to real-life Top 4 contenders. 

Relive all the action from the 2023 season so far, and tune in LIVE for the GCL of Paris on GCTV!


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