15 February 2024

SPORTFIVE Partners with Global Champions to Market Worldwide Media Rights Through 2026

SPORTFIVE Partners with Global Champions to Market Worldwide Media Rights Through 2026

Global Champions has appointed SPORTFIVE as the media rights agency on a global basis for the next three years, spanning from 2024 to 2026. Under this agreement, SPORTFIVE will be responsible for handling the international media rights for all competitions of the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL that are held in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Since its inception in 2006, the Longines Global Champions Tour has established itself as a pinnacle in the international show jumping circuit. This tournament series unites the world's elite show jumping riders, who compete for unprecedented prize money at some of the most illustrious venues globally. The partnership with SPORTFIVE is set to elevate the tour's media presence, bringing equestrian action to a broader global audience, using SPORTFIVE's media global expert employees located locally that are exert of their region.

Robert Müller von Vultejus, Chief Growth Officer at SPORTFIVE, commented on the new partnership, stating, "This alliance with the Global Champions marks a significant milestone for SPORTFIVE. Our expertise in media rights, combined with the tour's prestigious reputation, will not only enhance the visibility of show jumping on a global scale but also bring new and exciting opportunities to the sport. We are committed to leveraging our deep industry experience, digital intelligence, and global relationships to bring the excitement of this sport to fans worldwide."

"We are excited about our new partnership with SPORTFIVE which demonstrates our continued dedication to rapidly growing the sport of show jumping. Through our partnership with SPORTFIVE, we aim to reach new territories, captivating fans globally with the exhilarating spectacle of the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL team series."
- Chief Brand Officer and Head of Marketing for Global Champions, Jorge Cunha


SPORTFIVE is a global sports marketing agency that delivers customer-centric solutions based on trust and transparency, deep industry experience and global relationships, digital intelligence and innovation. SPORTFIVE strategically and creatively connects brands, rightsholders, media platforms and fans to create and enable contemporary partnerships in sports.

While creating and growing long-term value for all, SPORTFIVE often leads the sports business into the future through innovative digital solutions and strives to be the most progressive and respected partner in sports.

Being at the centre of professional sport SPORTFIVE will use its unique position, in order to make a positive contribution to sustainability and to live up to the social and economic duty and responsibility, which sport and consequently all parties involved, also have. SPORTFIVE operates with a global mindset and network of over 1,200 local experts based in 15 countries around the world, active in Football, Golf, Esports, Motorsport, Handball, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Olympics and Multi-Sport Events and many more.

About Global Champions

Global Champions is a premier international equestrian organisation dedicated to showcasing the world's top show jumping athletes and horses through two prestigious series: the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) and the Global Champions League (GCL). With a mission to promote excellence, athleticism, and sportsmanship in the equestrian community, Global Champions provides a platform for elite riders and horses to compete at the highest level on a global stage.

Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT):
The Longines Global Champions Tour is the pinnacle of show jumping competition, featuring the most iconic cities and venues around the world. As an annual series, LGCT brings together top riders from various nations to compete in high-stakes Grand Prix events, where every jump counts towards the pursuit of victory. With its unique blend of athleticism, precision, and excitement, LGCT represents the epitome of equestrian sport.

The GCL is a groundbreaking team competition that adds a dynamic dimension to traditional show jumping. In GCL, top riders form international teams and compete in thrilling showdowns, combining individual skill with collective strategy. With a focus on collaboration and camaraderie, GCL fosters a spirit of teamwork while showcasing the extraordinary talent of both horse and rider.

Our Vision:
At Global Champions, we are committed to advancing the sport of show jumping and inspiring future generations of athletes and enthusiasts. Through our world-class events, innovative formats, and unwavering dedication to excellence, we aim to elevate equestrianism to new heights while celebrating the timeless bond between horse and rider.

My vision is clear. Only the best for the best.
Jan Tops - Founder & President