18 May 2023

Relive the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Madrid!

Relive the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Madrid!

Edwina Tops-Alexander taking home her staggering 27th Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix Podium, standing alongside Denmark’s Andreas Schou in second place, who, took his place on the LGCT GP podium for the very first time.

Jur Vrieling aboard his immaculate ong John Silver 3 NOP took to the third step on the podium, earning his 7th podium place, and 7th third place.

In a rare occurrence, just one rider completed the first round on zero penalties, meaning Edwina held onto the lead the whole way through. Speaking after her win, an elated Tops-Alexander commented on her surprise and “I really didn’t know I was the only clear, [heading into the ring] I thought there was one or two before me, as I was so focused on myself. I almost couldn’t get to the first jump, so I had to make one more [stride], so I was very worried about the time.”

The Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Madrid saw four riders excluded from going into battle in a jump off round after incurring unlucky time penalties. Andreas Schou, Jur Vrieling, Philipp Schulze-Topphoff, Omer Karaevli among the names that were prepared for a head to head in the second round didn’t have the clock on their favour.

With now four of the world’s best having secured their golden ticket to the GC Prague Playoffs, they are in the running to win the lions share of over XX in prize money. The lineup for the Super Grand Prix continues to build throughout the Longines Global Champions Tour season, with the winner of  each leg earning their place in the ultimate final showdown.

·       Philipp Weishaupt – Winner, LGCT GP Doha

·        Katrin Eckermann – Winner, LGCT Miami Beach

·        David Will – Winner, LGCT Mexico City

·        Edwina Tops-Alexander – Winner, LGCT Madrid

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