26 January 2024

Prague Lions and Shanghai Swans Unveil Major New Signings!

Prague Lions and Shanghai Swans Unveil Major New Signings!

The equestrian world is buzzing with excitement as two of the most formidable teams in the GCL team series, Prague Lions Powered by Czech Equestrian Team and Shanghai Swans – proudly announce their sensational lineups for the 2024 season. With a single change each, these teams are set to dominate the global stage with their incredible talent.

PRAGUE LIONS: Roaring Into 2024 with Jur Vrieling!


Prague Lions, powered by the indomitable spirit of the Czech Equestrian Team and sponsored by Air Bank, are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Dutch maestro Jur Vrieling. A seasoned rider with a wealth of experience, Vrieling is set to elevate the Lions to new heights.


The 2024 Prague Lions lineup:


  • Anna Kellnerova: A stalwart and an original member, Kellnerova continues to lead with grace and skill.
  • Niels Bruynseels: One of the key players from the last season, Bruynseels' expertise is pivotal for the team's success.
  • Fernando Martinez Sommer: Back for his second year, Sommer brings passion and precision to the Lions.
  • Pieter Devos: A powerhouse in equestrian sports, Devos returns to deliver unmatched horsepower.
  • Thibauts Spits (U25): The young talent continues to impress in his second year as a U25 rider.
  • Jur Vrieling (New Signing): The Dutch sensation, Vrieling, adds a fresh dimension to the Lions' formidable roster.
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SHANGHAI SWANS: Flying High with Pius Schwizer's Return!

Known for their epic team spirit the Shanghai Swans, backed by sponsors Zeidler Group, Hill Farm Equestrian, PremiuMares and Chev’el Stallions, announce the triumphant return of Swiss maestro Pius Schwizer, a move that is sure to captivate fans and competitors alike.

The 2024 Shanghai Swans lineup:


  • Christian Ahlmann: A stalwart and team anchor, Ahlmann's leadership is integral to the Swans' success.
  • Max Kühner: Returning to guide the squad, Kühner's experience brings stability and strategy.
  • Samuel Hutton: Re-signed for a second time, Hutton's consistency is a key asset to the Swans.
  • Jeanne Sadran (U25): A rising star as a U25 rider, Sadran's inclusion adds youthful exuberance to the team.
  • Daniel Deusser: German firepower personified, Deusser's skill and determination set the stage on fire.
  • Pius Schwizer (Returnee): Making a triumphant return, Schwizer's presence is a game-changer for the Swans.



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As the 2024 GCL season unfolds, equestrian enthusiasts worldwide can expect thrilling competitions, jaw-dropping performances, and unforgettable moments from these two powerhouses – Prague Lions and Shanghai Swans.

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