27 June 2023

Next Stop: Monaco

Next Stop: Monaco

The French Riviera's enchanting allure continues as the Longines Global Champions Tour makes its way to the glamorous city-state of Monaco. This picturesque Mediterranean paradise is set to host an event that will captivate both horse enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Monaco, known for its opulence, sophistication, and breathtaking coastal vistas, is the epitome of elegance and style. As the next stop on the Longines Global Champions Tour, this sun-kissed destination promises a memorable experience against the backdrop of its iconic landmarks and vibrant social scene. It is a city that effortlessly combines luxury, glamour, and a rich historical tapestry.

From June 29th to July 1st, the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL series will grace Monaco with an exhilarating 2* and 5* competition, showcasing the world's finest show jumping horse and rider combinations just meters from the water of Port D'Hercule.

Monaco's illustrious reputation as a playground for the wealthy and famous is complemented by its vibrant cultural offerings. The city boasts a multitude of museums, art galleries, and architectural wonders, providing visitors with a rich tapestry of history and artistic splendor to explore. Steeped in glamour, Monaco is a destination that effortlessly marries sporting excellence with a refined appreciation for the arts.

Located in close proximity to the world-renowned Casino de Monte-Carlo and on the doorstep of the luxurious harbor of Port Hercules, the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL of Monaco takes place in an atmosphere steeped in grandeur and prestige. This iconic equestrian event is not only a testament to the city's history but also a continuation of its longstanding commitment to excellence in both sport and entertainment.

In 2023, Monaco will once again set the stage for an unparalleled display of talent, athleticism, and passion. Whether you're a devoted fan of show jumping or simply seeking an immersive cultural experience, the Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco promises to deliver the perfect blend of sport, culture, and glamour.

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