12 April 2024

Meet This Week's GCL Home Team: The Mexico Amigos

Meet This Week's GCL Home Team: The Mexico Amigos

Get ready to cheer on the Mexico Amigos in the exciting GCL Mexico City, as they battle it out against the top riders from around the world on their home turf!

With a strategic blend of seasoned veterans and promising up-and-coming talent, the Mexico Amigos have an impressive line-up for their 2024 team. The team features a truly international roster of riders including Mike Kawai of Japan, Giacomo Casadei of Italy, Mouda Zeyada of Egypt, Eduardo Pereira de Menezes of Brazil, and Nadja Peter-Steiner of Switzerland. Joining them is U25 rider Carlos Hank Guerreiro who will be competing this weekend in his home country of Mexico.

Get Ready for Mexico City 2024

With strong performances early in the 2024 season, including a second place finish in Doha, the Mexico Amigos are currently sitting in third place in the GCL championship, just two points behind first place.

Don’t miss the action! Watch the home team live in Mexico city, as they vie for a spot on the podium this weekend. 

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