19 April 2023

Meet Rodrigo Almeida of the Mexico Amigos | Show Jumper Spotlight

Meet Rodrigo Almeida of the Mexico Amigos | Show Jumper Spotlight

Rodrigo Almeida - quickfire Q&A ahead of the GCL in Mexico City! 

As the focus turns to Mexico City and leg three of the GCL, what does Rodrigo Almeida think of his team for the GCL 2023? And what advice would he give to junior riders stepping onto the world stage on this year’s tour? 

We’re still coming down from an incredible weekend with the GCL in Miami Beach! Sun, sea, sand and world-class show jumping thrilled the crowds, and in between it all, we managed to get the Portuguese legend and member of team Mexico Amigos team to sit down for a quickfire Q&A. While the horses and riders aim for a quick turnaround ready for leg three in Mexico City, let’s hear what Rodrigo has to say. 

We’ve asked about everything from what he thinks of his teammates, whether he rates the under-25 rule and his top advice for the younger riders on the tour who want to make the most of this incredible opportunity. Check out the interview with Rodrigo now and don’t forget - there’s a lot more exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes content when you follow LGCT and GCL on social media and sign up for GCTV!

Showjumper Spotlight with Rodrigo Almeida

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