30 June 2023

MEET: GCL Home Team, Monaco Aces

MEET: GCL Home Team, Monaco Aces

All eyes will be on Monaco Aces as a critical stage in the GCL team championship plays out alongside the Principality’s famous yacht harbour. In this dramatic setting, two rounds of the GCL of Monaco take place immediately after the mid-season transfer window when some teams will have drafted in new talent to boost their squads for a turbo-charged second half of GCL 2023.

 Monaco Aces features a multi-talented, multi-national line-up: German rider Jens Baackmann, Brazilian Francisco Jose Mesquita Musa, German Niklaus Schurtenberger, American rider Paris Sellon, Ireland’s Jeremy Sweetnam, and U25 Sara Vingralkova from the Czech Republic. Fans lining the Monaco arena and watching on GCTV will pump up the adrenaline cheering on the home city team Monaco Aces with their distinctive signature red and bright blue colours. 

 So far this season Monaco Aces have been fighting an intense battle in the middle of the table. They will be digging deep and drawing on the team's significant breadth of talent and experience to climb up the leaderboard for the overall GCL Championship final and the electrifying GCL Super Cup at the GC Prague Playoffs with the highest prize money in the sport. 

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