13 April 2023

Meet Colm McKay - Event Production Manager, Global Champions

Meet Colm McKay -  Event Production Manager, Global Champions

Hi Colm, please introduce yourself!

I’m Colm McKay and I joined the Global Champions Tour back in 2014. As the Event Production Manager, I am responsible for the safe delivery of the venue and its operations and the temporary venue overlay.

What does a day in the life of Colm McKay look like on and off event?

My job role is very diverse and it’s such a cliché, but the tasks genuinely differ from day to day.

In the lead up to the event, I work on the site layout design, event management plans and construction schedules as well as the contracting of suppliers for the equipment and materials which make up the event. I will also liaise with the City of Miami Beach and its various departments to ensure the permit requirements are met ahead of the load in.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is the work on the ground which includes the site management during the build period, operational days and breakdown of a venue. I must ensure the event is built up on time and to a high standard, then dismantled and the venue is handed back to the City of Miami Beach in better condition than when we took it over.

Miami Beach is one of the most iconic destinations on the Longines Global Champions Tour, what is so special about this event?

Miami Beach is one of the most anticipated stops on the Longines Global Champions Tour, and for good reason too. The images speak for themselves. The LGCT of Miami Beach epitomises what Global Champions is about – bringing the sport to a new audience in the middle of the city with an amazing backdrop and the Atlantic Ocean only a few metres from the competition arena, which is truly unique.

What is the biggest challenge with managing the production of the LGCT Miami Beach?

As with any unique location on the Longines Global Champions Tour, Miami Beach has its own specific challenges, not least its complex Special Event permit process which has so many layers to it.

Hosting an event on Miami Beach means navigating the rules and regulations associated with turtle season, police escorts, lighting and noise restrictions and of course building temporary structures on the sand.

Everything has to run like clockwork and our suppliers have to work in harmony with one another to complete the project on time. Thankfully, we work with many great local suppliers who take a professional approach and are familiar with organising events on the beach.

Where to next with your role at Longines Global Champions Tour?

As with all my friends and colleagues at Global Champions, we don’t sit still for very long.

After Miami Beach, I head back to Ireland for a few weeks to spend time with family and friends before stepping into a few busy months of travel. My main focus this year will be on the events in Stockholm, London and New York.

Any final words?

I’m grateful for every day that I’m able to keep doing this job in these amazing locations.

I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Miami Beach and can recognise the hard work and dedication from all the team behind the scenes in producing this incredible event. 

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