02 March 2022

Listen now: Brand new Beyond The Jump podcast!

Listen now: Brand new Beyond The Jump podcast!

Welcome to the 2022 season and to our new Beyond The Jump podcast! 

To kick start the season we are going to take you through each and every one of the GCL teams. We will unpack why the 2022 season is going to be so exciting and who we think are going to stand out from the most competitive GCL field yet. 


As we go through all the teams in alphabetical order, listen to our team dissect the 6 team members and their horses. Below is a sneak preview of some key topics touched on in the first episode. You can listen to our newest podcast for free on Spotify, GCTV or YouTube.


Berlin Eagles Conclusion: More horses and more riders than last year, will be able to relieve Kukuk and Whiesphast of the pressure?  We underestimated them last year, when you look at the makeup they are a team that can overperform in this league and they are stronger than last year with more firepower. They are the strongest team in this first podcast. Estimated 255 points this year. 4 of the 6 riders all live and train together in Riesenbeck so you couldn't get better communication. 

Cannes Stars Conclusion: Cian O'Connor and Max Wachmann (only 18) have so much horsepower it is going to all come down to the commitment to the team. If they contribute more they could be a completely different team to last year. Last year Sameh el Dahan did 21 rounds for the GCL team one of the most all of last year.  Not the strongest on paper but they could really step up on this platform. 

Hamburg Giants Conclusion: It looks better than last year! Team anchor Bart Bles has some company this year. It could be a big turn around and we think they could be one of the biggest climbers this year. 


Istanbul Sultans Conclusion:​ Sanne Thijssen is the highest rank rider in the team so she as the U25 has a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Can she make all the difference? Tune in this season to find out what the new team on the league can pull out of the bag. 


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