22 October 2022

LAMI-CELL launches V22 range with PORON® XRD®

LAMI-CELL launches V22 range with PORON® XRD®

The V22 range has taken things a step further in innovation with the use of a multi-purpose foam designed for wearable impact protection. Its molecules instantly react upon impact to form a protective shell around the body, then returning to its resting state.


PORON ® XRD ® padding in Lami-Cell’s V22 Boots protects the horse from external impact, offers unrivalled shock absorption, and provides excellent support to further reduce injuries. The unique material feels remarkably soft until exposed to pressure or impact; at which time it hardens to protect the horse’s leg from external injury. This innovative material absorbs up to 90% of the impact energy.

Lami-Cell strives to be at the forefront of technology with a deep concern for the environment and the use of non-toxic materials that offer your horse the best protection.


My vision is clear. Only the best for the best.
Jan Tops - Founder & President