02 July 2024

“It’s something I have dreamed of” Olivier Philippaerts in the Spotlight

“It’s something I have dreamed of” Olivier Philippaerts in the Spotlight

It was an emotional triumph at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Stockholm as Olivier Philippaerts secured his first ever LGCT Grand Prix win after years of success on tour. The Belgian rider claimed victory against the world’s best at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Stockholm, showcasing his exceptional talent.

The competition, held at the historic Stockholms Stadion in the heart of the Swedish capital, saw top riders from around the world battle it out for the prestigious title. Olivier, riding his trusted mount, H&M Miro, delivered a flawless performance, navigating the challenging course with precision and speed. Taking no prisoners in the jump-off, Olivier claimed the top spot, writing his name in the history books at Stockholm.

I could barely believe it that finally I got the win, so I have to just sit down and really enjoy it. It’s something I have dreamed of.
- Olivier Philippaerts, on his first LGCT Grand Prix win

Winning Round LGCT Grand Prix Of Stockholm 2024 - Olivier Philippaerts & H&M Miro

Olivier is no stranger to a podium finish, securing second and third place finishes in London, Monaco, Valkenswaard, and Paris over the years aboard H&M Miro and the iconic H&M Legend of Love. While impressive, this track record served as motivation for Olivier in Stockholm. Speaking to GCTV, Olivier remarked, “I have been waiting so many years and trying and trying, getting second and third, but finally got to pull it off today.” He went on to say, “Finally today we see what I have been working so long and so hard for.”  

This win is a significant milestone in Olivier’s career, reinforcing his status as one of the world’s top talents in the sport. The LGCT of Stockholm is renowned for its high level of competition with a fierce field of competitors including 2024 stage winner Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann, second in the 2024 Championship Standings Andreas Schou, three time LGCT Champion Ben Maher, current LGCT Championship leader and 2024 stage winner Max Kühner, and world number one Henrik von Eckermann, making his victory all the more impressive. Olivier’s triumph not only adds another accolade to his impressive record but also boosts his momentum for the second half of the 2024 LGCT season.

He won his first leg now, but I think there are many more to come.
- Nicola Philippaerts, Olivier’s brother

    Coming from an esteemed equestrian family, show jumping runs in Olivier’s blood. The Philippaerts family has established itself as a formidable force in the world of show jumping, with a legacy that spans generations. Patriarch and Olivier’s father, Ludo Philippaerts, a renowned Belgian show jumper, laid the foundation for this legacy with his numerous victories and consistent presence in top international competitions. His career highlights include multiple appearances on the Longines Global Champions Tour as well as taking the first ever LGCT championship title back in 2006. Ludo's passion for show jumping and dedication to training have been instrumental in shaping not only his career but also the careers of his children.

    Ludo Philippaerts, winner of the first ever LGCT Championship in 2006

    Following in their father's footsteps, Olivier and his twin brother Nicola, have carried the family name to new heights in the show jumping arena. Their younger brother, Thibault Philippaerts, is also proving to be a rising star in the sport, having won the U25 class in Stockholm. With the brothers having already achieved significant success this season, 2024 is shaping up to be their year. Nicola won the LGCT Grand Prix of Mexico earlier this season aboard H&M Luna van't Ruytershof Z and now, just 6 stages later, another Philippaerts stood at the top of the podium as Olivier claimed the win in Stockholm.

    Following his incredible win, a tearful Olivier told GCTV, “to win together when we’re all here, I will for sure remember it!” With one win each under their belt this season, the two brothers have claimed their golden ticket to the Super Grand Prix in Riyadh where they will be going head to head against the other victors of the season. 

    Olivier’s success in Stockholm is a testament to his hard work, skill, and the strong partnership he shares with his horse, H&M Miro, highlighting the dedication required to excel at the highest levels of the sport. With this win catapulting Olivier up the 2024 LGCT Championship leaderboard into the top 20, join us on tour as we witness this incredible rider take on the rest of the 2024 season.

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