29 December 2023

‘I love Claire a lot’ – Pieter Devos retires ‘heart horse’ Claire Z

‘I love Claire a lot’ – Pieter Devos retires ‘heart horse’ Claire Z

Pieter Devos has officially retired his ultra-competitive mare, Claire Z after a decade in the sport together.

In a reflective moment, Devos expressed profound gratitude to Claire Z, acknowledging her role in turning a childhood dream into reality. Beyond the realm of sporting achievements, their journey together has been nothing short of extraordinary.

During an exclusive interview with LGCT in 2019, Devos shed light on the unconventional origins of his partnership with Claire Z. Recounting the tale, he remarked, “Claire is a very special story of how I discovered her. It's not that it was not a very usual way, I knew her since long time she's 11 now and I bought her together with my father-in-law when she was two years old,”

“She was standing there in the field and we asked our if the horse was maybe for sale… it was really like the old-fashioned way we tried to find some things which she could jump over like a tree which was broken off. We put it in the field and we loved the way she jumped and the way she was reacting, so on that three jumps we bought her!”

Claire Z's stellar career unfolded in the prestigious arenas of the Longines Global Champions Tour and the GCL team series. Highlights include triumphant moments such as clinching the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Miami Beach in 2019 and securing second place at the 2021 Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Valkenswaard.

As for what’s next for Claire? She is now set to enjoy her retirement with former stablemates Espoir and Apart, both of whom are living out in the grass fields of the Devos farm. Pieter said, “I hope we may be able to breed from her at some point, as I feel the world could do with more horses like her! However, we will listen to her and what will be, will be. The main priority for me is that she is able to live in happiness and comfort, and that I can see her whenever I’m at home.”

'I love Claire a lot' - Pieter Devos on his very special mare

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