18 April 2024

How We Make It Happen: Miami Beach

How We Make It Happen: Miami Beach

In this edition of How We Make It Happen, we meet up with Colm McKay, a key member of the Global Champions production team, to find out more about what it takes to transform the sandy shores of Miami Beach into a world-class sporting arena. We get a glimpse into the immense effort that goes into planning and setting up the LGCT of Miami Beach and the team that works tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. 

Months before the hooves hit the sandy shore, a dedicated team of organizers come together to plan this stop of the tour. Six months out Colm and his team begin the permit process. Two weeks out they get started on building the event and it takes around 500 people to bring it all to life. They bring in everything from the tents to the sand that the horses compete on.

The result is a breathtaking arena where the world’s top show jumpers and their equine partners compete under the Miami sun. The Longines Global Champions Tour of Miami Beach is more than just a stop on the tour; it’s a testament to the beauty of sport and the power of meticulous planning and execution.

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How We Make It Happen - Colm McKay

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