19 April 2024

How We Make It Happen: Designing the Course

How We Make It Happen: Designing the Course

In this edition of How We Make It Happen, we meet up with Peter Grant, course designer for the Longines Global Champions Tour, to find out more about what it takes to create the thrilling courses that the riders and horses of the Longines Global Champions Tour navigate at each stage of the tour. 

Crafting a showjumping course is no easy task; it requires a keen understanding of the sport's fundamentals and a touch of artistry. Peter starts off by looking at the horse and rider list at the beginning of the week to get a feel for what the competition will be like. He explains that designing the actual course is a small part of the job. Other factors such as planning in between the classes and the materials for the jumps can be just as critical. On the day of a competition, Peter arrives at the event early in the morning to allow time to walk the entire course to get a feel for the track the riders and horses will take and to ensure that the final presentation in the arena is what he wants it to be. 

The result is a course that challenges both horse and rider to compete at their very best. Peter explained that the most enjoyable part of the job is watching the horses jump, saying, “as a fan, not just an official, to be able to watch the horses and riders of this caliber jump at these events is a special treat for me."

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How We Make It Happen - Peter Grant

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