21 June 2024

GCL Mid-Season Transfers are Fast Approaching

GCL Mid-Season Transfers are Fast Approaching

Founded in 2016, the GCL is a team challenge like no other. An unprecedented format, the GCL brings together riders from different countries, as well as mixing senior and U25 riders, to all compete together united on one team. 

Unlike many national teams that change riders from show to show, each GCL team is composed of six riders selected prior to the start of the season that ride for the team throughout that year. The exception to this is the GCL Mid-Season Transfer Window. 

This unique period is where we see the ultimate shake-up of the GCL teams. During this time, and only this time unless there is a medical exception, teams can transfer a maximum of three riders. Team managers have to be strategic in their choices of who to transfer, if at all. A strategic choice can see a struggling team revived, while a well-oiled team could lose their footing if the choice of transfer backfires. 

Prague Playoffs Highlights 2023

This year, the transfers will occur between the eighth and the ninth stages of the tour. All eyes will be turned to the GCL teams in Stockholm, June 28 - 30, to see how the choices of transfers have played out. Will a powerhouse team find themselves struggling to maintain their momentum if their choice of transfer proves to be a misfire? Or will we see a new team catapulted to the top of the leaderboard thanks to a strategic choice of transfer? 

The stage is set for a thrilling showdown of the world’s top show jumping talent at the ninth stage of the tour as the revamped teams compete together for the first time. Join us in Stockholm to see how it all plays out.

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