04 July 2024

Delestre and Olga van de Kruishoeve Shine in Monaco's High-Speed Showdown

Delestre and Olga van de Kruishoeve Shine in Monaco's High-Speed Showdown

On the debut day of the Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco, Simon Delestre and Olga van de Kruishoeve turned up the heat to clinch victory in the CSI5* 1.45m speed class, presented by the Federation Équestre De La Principauté De Monaco.

Competing in the adrenaline-charged class, Delestre and Olga van de Kruishoeve showcased their prowess, executing tight turns and navigating the tour's smallest arena with precision. In a heart-stopping performance, the duo clocked an impressive time of 53.59 seconds, edging out fellow Frenchman Roger Yves Bost and his 13-year-old mare Ballerine du Vilpion by more than 2.85 seconds. The sold-out crowd erupted in thunderous applause when Jessica Springsteen and Naomi van het Keizershof took an early lead but ultimately secured third place overall.

Marking his third consecutive win at the Longines Global Champions Tour events, the flying Frenchman Delestre remarked:”Olga is a very quick horse, and i can take the first distance, he really turns short after the fence so this is maybe her tenth or eleventh win in 8 months at the five star level, so she is super competitive.” 

As for the weekend ahead? Simon went on to say, “It’s day by day, and class by class but my horses are in great shape at the moment. We had a super competition last weekend in Stockholm, so we plan to try and do the same tomorrow but it’s always tough!” 

In the breathtaking locale beside the picturesque port of Monaco, the idyllic setting provided a stunning backdrop for the thrilling show jumping action, offering spectators an unparalleled view. With the shimmering Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, the ambiance was truly unmatched for the first day of competition.

Course designer Uliano Vizzani crafted a technical and challenging track for the world’s top riders. Despite the course demanding focus, responsiveness, and bravery, the caliber of athletes in Monaco was evident as 17 combinations made it look effortless posting a jumping clear.

Uncharacteristic rails from the likes of Championship leader Max Kühner, and the likes of Andreas Schou, Pieter Devos,Nicola Pohl and Niels Bruynseels left some famous faces out of the final lineup.

1st - Simon Delestre & Olga van de Kruishoeve - 53.59 sec


2nd - Roger Yves Bost & Ballerine du Vilpion - 56.44 sec


3rd - Jessica Springsteen & Naomi van het Keizershof - 56.94 sec


4th - Ines Joly & Imposant van de Renger - 57.31 sec


5th - David Will & Popeye de Tamise - 57.91 sec


6th - Nina Mallevaey & My Clementine - 58.62 sec

But today was just a taste of the electrifying competition ahead in the coming days. Spectators can anticipate witnessing the world's top riders vie for the prestigious titles in the GCL team competition tomorrow at 17:50 local time and the €1.5 million Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix Du Prince De Monaco on Saturday at 20:15 local time.


Simon Delestre & Olga Van De Kruishoeve Winning Round 5* 1.45 Speed Class - Monaco 2024

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