20 July 2023

CRUCIAL STAGE: 5 Reasons Why GCL in Riesenbeck is a Must Attend!

CRUCIAL STAGE: 5 Reasons Why GCL in Riesenbeck is a Must Attend!
  1. With only 4 stages left after Riesenbeck, the home team Riesenbeck International can take a large step towards extending their league title, becoming one of 3 teams that won the league in consecutive seasons: Valkenswaard United 2016- 2017 and London Knights 2018-2019.
  2. If Riesenbeck International powered by Kingsland Equestrian make the podium, they level with Valkenswaard United, clocking up 8 podium finishes in a single season. Only London Knights have done better in 2018 when they made the podium 9 times.
  3. If Riesenbeck International win, they will hold the all-time record for most GCL stage wins in a single season. London Knights won 5 legs in 2019, yet that team set that record in an 18-stage season and scored that last victory at the 18th and final stage of the season. But Riesenbeck could potentially pull it off in just 11 stages, which would make them the most dominant team in GCL history.
  4. The lush grass ring of Riesenbeck International is the biggest arena of the season. With 150m x 95m and 13.500 m2, it is more than 6x times larger than the smallest ring of the tour in Monaco.
  5. As a new stage on the calendar it is also the only German stage in the 2023 season. With 2 competition rings it provides an incredible program over 4 days of jumping.

The Riesenbeck venue opens on Thursday with the first 3* classes. Round 1 and Round 2 of GCL are held on Saturday 22nd of July with Round 1 starting at 11.30h.

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Watch the action unfold live or view it on demand afterwards on GCTV!

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