02 August 2021

COMING SOON: Global Champions first ever official podcast

COMING SOON: Global Champions first ever official podcast

The exciting new free Global Champions Podcast will launch tomorrow and feature everything equestrian enthusiasts need to know about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic show jumping. The exciting new concept will deliver fans fresh insight, great stories and amazing anecdotes from the best of show jumping and this week the Olympics.

GC’s favourite commentator Frederik De Backer will host the brand new podcast alongside GCTV Anchor Marc Lewis and a star-studded lineup of special guests including Jos Verlooy, Frank Schuttert, Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli, Michael G Duffy, Michael Pender, Lucas Porter, Zoe Osterhoff and Rodrigo Almeida. Fans will enjoy revealing and in-depth conversations with the biggest names in show jumping, from current superstar riders to legendary figures.

The four-episode podcast this week will reflect on each day’s Olympic action with guests offering their insight and opinions on all the highs and lows while also looking ahead to the next day’s competition. Viewers can watch and listen to the podcast for free via the GCTV Access pass.

The opening episode of the show, which will be released tomorrow 3 August and distributed across all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify as well as GCTV and the Longines Global Champions Tour YouTube channel. The first episode will feature an engaging conversation with Rodrigo Almeida and Zoe Osterhoff at 17.00 CEST after watching all the horses jump for the first time in Tokyo.

This 60-minute podcast will be filmed and made available to all GCTV subscribers on the GCTV Access Pass, giving them a direct path into the Olympic reactions and perspectives of some of the best riders found on the Longines Global Champions Tour.

Feature Episodes this week:

Tuesday 3 August - Tokyo Olympics Show Jumping Individual First Round
17.00 CEST Rodrigo Almeida & Zoe Osterhoff

Wednesday 4 August - Tokyo Olympics Show Jumping Individual Final
16.00 CEST Frank Schuttert & Michael Pender

Friday 6 August - Tokyo Olympics Show Jumping Team First Round
16.00 CEST Lucas Porter & Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli

Saturday 7 August - Tokyo Olympics Show Jumping Team Final
16.00 CEST Jos Verlooy & Michael G Duffy

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