03 July 2024

Coming soon: Brand New Content Series ‘Rising Above’ presented by Longines

Coming soon: Brand New Content Series ‘Rising Above’ presented by Longines
Exploring the Power of Perseverance Through Real Stories and Real Heroes

Longines, the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Longines Global Champions Tour and LGCT, is proud to announce the launch of an inspiring new content series titled "Rising Above." The series, produced by Longines Global Champions Tour in partnership with Longines, is dedicated to showcasing the incredible journeys of the world’s best show jumping athletes as they overcome obstacles both on and off the course.

"Rising Above" highlights the concept of perseverance, illustrating how determination and resilience can triumph over life's hurdles. Through powerful storytelling and compelling narratives, each episode draws a vivid portrait of our main characters, transforming them into real-life heroes who inspire us with their victories over personal and professional challenges.

In a significant investment aimed at broadening the show jumping fan base, "Rising Above" created and produced by Hungary’s leading independent creative agency ACG, seeks to reach a new audience beyond the traditional equestrian community. By focusing on universally relatable human stories, the series aims to connect with viewers on a deeper emotional level, showcasing the sport's dramatic and inspirational aspects through the lens of personal triumphs and struggles.

Rising Above | Manifesto | Exploring the Power of Perseverance Through Real Stories and Real Heroes

Series Overview:

Episode 1: Rising Above - Manifesto

The manifesto is the first episode of the series introducing the heroes, their stories and the concept of the whole series. Sit back and enjoy a teaser of what is to come, free to your screens in July…

Episode 2: Christian Ahlmann - Bouncing Back
Launch Date: 26 July 8pm CET

Learn all about Christian Ahlmann’s journey of resilience and his relentless pursuit of excellence after facing an agonising setback after a fall at Longines Global Champions Tour of Mexico City last year. Follow his journey back to the top and how he managed to mentally triumph over the accident to win his first 5* competition after the accident, the LGCT Grand Prix of Paris.

Episode 3: Sanne Thijssen - Proving Them Wrong
Launch Date: 29 July 8pm CET

Sanne Thijssen's story is one of determination as she defies expectations and proves her critics wrong. Watch Sanne explain how tough it was for her to justify herself to the world after people assumed her success was only because of her star horse, Con Quidam.

Episode 4: John Whitaker - Defying Age
Launch Date: 1 August 8pm CET

Legendary showjumper John Whitaker demonstrates that age is just a number in his remarkable career. Take a trip through the years with John and learn his advice for being at the top of the sport for so long.

Episode 5: Angelica Augustin Zanotelli - Finding the Balance
Launch Date: 4 August 8pm CET

Angelica Augustin Zanotelli has a quest to balance her professional ambitions with personal life. Having three children while still competing at the highest level takes its toll; find out how Angelica makes it possible.

Episode 6: Edouard Schmitz - Becoming an Insider
Launch Date: 7 August 8pm CET

Longines Ambassador of Elegance Edouard Schmitz's journey from being an outsider to becoming a key player in the showjumping world is a unique one. You don’t have to be born into an equestrian family to make it to the top and Edouard explains just how welcoming the show jumping community is.

Episode 7: Katrin Eckermann - Growing Together
Launch Date: 10 August 8pm CET

The story of Katrin Eckermann and her horses as they grew and achieved success together hit a big bump when her former owner took her horses away from her. But this only made her stronger. Listen to how she overcame this career changing obstacle.

Episode 8: Niels Bruynseels - Overcoming Fears
Launch Date: 13 August 8pm CET

Niels Bruynseels’s didn’t know if his heart was set on show jumping when he was a child. His battle against his fear of horses is a compelling journey Enjoy the story of how he emerged victorious.

"We are thrilled to bring 'Rising Above' to our audience," said Jorge Cunha, Chief Brand Officer and Head of Marketing at Longines Global Champions Tour. "These stories not only celebrate the sport of showjumping but also the indomitable human spirit. Each episode is a testament to the power of perseverance and the extraordinary journeys of our athletes and we hope to attract a whole new audience."

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