09 April 2024

Breaking News: Richard Vogel to Replace Injured Eoin McMahon on GCL Riesenbeck International Team

Breaking News: Richard Vogel to Replace Injured Eoin McMahon on GCL Riesenbeck International Team

In an unexpected turn of events, Riesenbeck International powered by Kingsland Equestrian have announced a change in their lineup due to an injury sustained by Eoin McMahon. Current world number 14 Richard Vogel has been recruited to replace Eoin McMahon on the current reigning GCL champions’ team roster and will take part in Mexico City this weekend 11 - 14 April 2024.

Unfortunately, Eoin has sustained a broken elbow, forcing him to withdraw from the team temporarily according to Rule 2.5. Richard Vogel's inclusion in the team for the third stage of the season at Mexico City signifies a great opportunity for him to help pick the team back up after not collecting many championship points in Miami Beach. Vogel's expertise and determination will undoubtedly complement the team's aim to win the Championship three years in a row.

Rule 2.5 - Athlete substitution outside a transfer window states: Substitution of an athlete outside the transfer window is only exceptionally possible for medical reasons in case the athlete is unable to compete for a minimum period of 45 days (corroborated by an official declaration of a medical doctor).

Vogel was last part of a GCL team in 2022 with Miami Celtics but this time is set to make waves on the local German squad that is managed by Ludger Beerbaum. Last year Riesenbeck International won the Mexico City stage so will be aiming high with a squad of Richard Vogel and Philipp Schulze Topphoff to pull off back-to-back victories in the huge grass arena at Campo Marte.

Eoin McMahon is determined to make a swift recovery and aims to rejoin Riesenbeck International in time for the Shanghai event where the team will be able to active Rule 2.9 if he is back to full fitness. Everyone at GCL is wishing Eoin a speedy recovery and looking forward to having him back on the squad.

Rule 2.9 - Reverse of substitution states: An athlete – out for medical reasons – can come back in the Team, when recovered at any time during the GCL season.

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