30 April 2022

6 facts in 60 seconds - GCL Mexico City

6 facts in 60 seconds - GCL Mexico City

- 17 changes are made overnight, the highest number of the season so far, 10 teams have replaced 8 riders and 9 horses.


- Shanghai Swans stand out. They are overnight leaders and both Christian Ahlmann and Katrin Eckermann shift to their most experienced horses to take this across the line.


- Shanghai Swans have won Mexico already twice


- Championship Leaders Berlin Eagles stay with Mila and Mumbai for the 6th time this season. But they do sit on 4 faults


- 10 teams sit within one rail of each other, with 4 on clear, one team on a time fault and 5 on just a single rail


- Hamburg Giants are the only top 4 teams to go into round 2 on clear.  A podium would mean their second medal this season and serious pressure on the top teams of the league

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