Contact Information & FAQ's


Contact Information & FAQ's


THERE IS AN ERROR WHEN I TRY TO LOGIN. Have you already re-registered your account to our new secure sign-on platform? If not, then please go through the re-registration steps listed below and try logging in again. If you've already re-registered but still cannot log in, please get in touch with us at


1. Click the following link to our new sign-up page: SIGN UP PAGE 
2. Enter your information, using the same email address that you use to subscribe to GCTV
3. Click ‘Sign Up’ 
4. Check your email account, as we’ll be sending you an email with a unique verification link. Haven't received the email? Check your spam folders!
5. Click on the link in your email, this will take you back to the website 
6. Thank you - you have successfully re-registered with GCTV and have now access to your subscription package both on the website and in-app

I DID NOT RECEIVE THE VERIFICATION EMAIL. If you went through the steps listed above to (re-)register your account and have not received the verification email, event not in your spam or junk, please send us an email at

DO I NEED A PAID ACCOUNT? There is plenty of free content available on GCTV. To enjoy the live competition season to the fullest, we recommended getting at least a LIVE PASS to watch live content. To enjoy our new original content series and in depth analysis, you should have a PRO PASS.

HOW DO I CHECK MY SUBSCRIPTION? You must be logged in to check your subscription status. Navigate to your account via the "Account" drop down in the top navigation menu. Here you will be able to see your active subscriptions.

HOW DO I CHANGE MY SUBSCRIPTION? You can only upgrade your subscription, you cannot downgrade within the current billing cycle. If you have previously already bought a subscription and are not able to change this via your account overview, please contact support. 

HOW DO I CHANGE MY PASSWORD? You must be logged in to change your billing information. Navigate to your account via the "Account" drop down in the top navigation menu. You can then click on "Update My Profile", fill in a new password and click save.

IT SAYS I NEED TO UPGRADE? If you have an active LIVE or PRO subscription you will be able to see live streams, replays and result clips. If you still see the Upgrade Subscription notice, please try signing out and back in again. Sometimes, browser do not always register you session correctly. 

CAN I SHARE MY ACCOUNT? It is against platform policies to share accounts with others. If the system monitoring detects suspicious login behaviour you will be contacted. Please know that Global Champions holds the right to suspend any account that breaks platform policies. 

CAN I DELETE MY GCTV ACCOUNT? If you would like to delete your user account and all data held by Global Champions, then please email with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Confirmation of current subscription

Please note that deleting your account will cancel any subscriptions that you currently have with immediate effect. Global Champions will respond to your email and confirm your account and data deletion within 10 working days of your request.


I HAVE A PAID SUBSCRIPTION BUT STILL CANNOT WATCH If you have an active LIVE or PRO subscription and you are logged in, you will be able to access the livestreams and subscription-relevant content. If you still see the Upgrade Subscription notice, or a black screen, please try signing out and back in again. If your issues still persists, contact the support team via the chat. 


IS THERE PLATFORM SUPPORT AVAILABLE? There is always a way to reach out to our team for any questions around using the platform, content, or your subscription. Please note that during live events, there will be a team of support agents available directly via the live chat support (bottom right on the screen). Outside of the live events, you can leave your message and email through the chat support and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


CAN I WATCH ON WEB? You can watch GCTV using your mobile or PC web browser. You can also cast from a browser using Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast. 

IS THERE AN APP? Very soon, you will be able to watch through the GCTV App and enjoy all live and on demand content on your phone or tablet through the Apple or Android Platforms.

HOW DO I CAST? You can find the native casting feature in control bar of the GCTV video player. You can also cast from most modern browsers using a Google Chromecast. Other devices may support casting but may offer an unsupported experience. 

HOW DO I WATCH FREE CONTENT? You need to register for a free account to be able to watch free content on GCTV. No credit card or payment details are needed to create a free account. If you are signed in, you will be able to watch free content. 

WHICH COMPETITIONS CAN I WATCH? On GCTV you can enjoy the Live and on Demand content of and around the competition Season of the Longines Global Champions Tour, the GCL and Tops International Arena. 

WHICH ORIGINAL SERIES CAN I WATCH? GCTV also offers a vast library of series and original content. Be sure to stay subscribed to the GCTV newsletter to be notified when new series are released. You can expect new content weekly and exclusively available on GCTV. 

WHICH COMMENTARY LANGUAGES ARE AVAILABLE? English, French, Chinese and Spanish commentary will be available for the LGCT GP, GCL R1 and GCL R2. Main classes of Tops International Arena will have English commentary.


CAN I GET A REFUND? Refunds are made at the discretion of GCTV. If you have purchased an incorrect subscription, please contact Support. If you cancel your ANNUAL subscription within 14 days, you will not be automatically refunded. Please contact support to arrange a refund. Please note, we do not issue refunds for monthly passes.

CAN I CHANGE MY BILLING INFORMATION? You must be logged in to change your billing information. Navigate to your account via the "Account" drop down in the top navigation menu. If you have a subscription, you can then click on "Update Billing Details" to make your changes.


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