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A sprawling city of 6.5 million, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and a vital financial and administrative center of the nation, Riyadh is a bustling city and the pinnacle of modern lifestyle. The city will offer much to any curious traveller.


Al Masmak Fortress

The name means a high, strong, and thick building. The vast clay and mud-brick citadel witnessed the birth of a kingdom and serve as a proud reminder of Saudi Arabia’s rich history. In 1902, King Abdulaziz Al Saud captured the fortress and seized control of Riyadh, his ancestral home, after having lived in exile in Kuwait. From this fortress, Abdulaziz Al Saud conquered and united the different kingdoms and provinces that make up the Saudi nation as we know it today.

The fortress has served many purposes since its development in 1865. Although initially used as a garrison for those who protected the city, it was later used as an ammunition warehouse after the raid by King Abdulaziz and later converted to a prison.

Al Bujairi Heritage Park

Al Bujairi Heritage Park has a lively and vibrant vibe with many great tourist spots, including different rides for children, food stalls, a market, painting, yard gatherings, and workshops teaching crafts, including pottery and calligraphy. You will also see carts roaming around the park that will offer to give you a tour of the entire park.

The National Museum

The museum contains an expansive collection of Saudi culture and its people. Everything from fossils to old architecture and structures, pre-Islamic trade routes, and items from the various Arab Kingdoms are on display.


Historical At-Turaif District

At-Turaif is nothing less than a gateway into the past. The architecture, the alleyways, and the artefacts give you an insight into how the capital of the first Saudi state looked. It is also home to several museums that house various handicrafts, weapons, and utensils from the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

At-Turaif is also home to many historical sites, including the Salwa Palace, Saad bin Saud Palace, At Turaif Bath House, and the Imam Mohammad bin Saud Mosque. The Salwa Palace is four stories tall and is the largest palace in all of Diriyah; rivalled by the Saad bin Saud Palace, though much smaller in size but equally as beautiful with its lush courtyards and traditional mud walls.

Riyadh Boulevard City

With its enormous selection of 200 restaurants and cafes, Boulevard City is the largest aspect of Riyadh Season. It includes many Arab and international theatres along a beautiful walkway, electronic games, rides, and hosts many events. With nine different areas for entertainment and leisure, including a snow city and winter games for all ages, Boulevard City is a must-visit for any of those looking for some excitement.

Riyadh Front

Located in the north of Riyadh and containing a massive selection of Riyadh’s activities, it is distinguished by the presence of the largest local and international brands. It also hosts the most extensive and exciting exhibitions in the Middle East. Riyadh Front is a fan favorite for anime lovers.


Al Murabba is one of the most well-known areas during the Riyadh season, with many Riyadh events as well as historical and modern tourist attractions. The Murabbaa area’s overall appearance reflects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s heritage and history. There are also several old heritage-inspired restaurants. The Murabba neighborhood is notable for welcoming its visitors and serving them Arabic coffee, which reflects the Saudi people’s hospitality habits.

Riyadh Winter Wonderland

Riyadh Winter Wonderland is an integrated entertainment village that hosts a variety of recreational activities. It has a variety of games for both adults and children. Aside from some recreational areas such as the snow forest, dreamland carnival, and horror adventure zones. Riyadh Winter Wonderland features 52 games spread across six fantastic entertainment areas.

Al-Salam Tree

The Peace Tree is another one of the Riyadh season’s regions, named because of the presence of a large luminous artificial tree 12 meters tall called the Peace Tree. The Al-Salam Tree area in Riyadh hosts a variety of events, including visual shows and concerts. There is a large rose garden in the area that is decorated with artificial and natural flowers.

There are also many fine restaurants in the area where chefs serve various dishes prepared in front of visitors as well as shopping areas. Enjoy the shows and activities held in the Peace Tree area, such as acrobatic shows, interactive models, face painting, and more! It also consists of a small theatre available for children’s performances. The Al-Salam area is distinguished by peaceful and charming landscapes, with roses as far as the eye can see scattered in various locations and a wonderful musical atmosphere.


Al-Athriyah is another one of the Riyadh Season’s regions, located north of Riyadh. Al-Adhiriyah combines traditional and contemporary design elements and is a place where you can enjoy popular sessions in the air and on the desert sands as well as the latest modern cuisines.

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