21 October 2021

What's at stake with Uliano Vezzani

What's at stake with Uliano Vezzani

This weekend the decider for both the 2021 Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL Championships lies in the hands of the world renowned course builder Uliano Vezzani. 


We caught up with him ahead of the Finals this weekend and found out just how much pressure he is under to build the right course. 


Vezzani said: "The level of the Longines Global Champions Tour is always at the maximum. I believe that when a course designer has the possibility to build courses for these riders, he is privileged, I feel privileged. Ok the pressure is there and I feel it too because it is a very important competition. But I think it is very stimulating for me . The higher the stakes, the more my attention and concentration increases. Logically the pressure is always there when you build courses at this level."


"You always have to be careful, you always have to question yourself, look at and take care of the details, because what makes the difference are the details. The choice of a colour of a pole, than a particular line. There are many factors and logically on this occasion, all the factors will be concentrated to the maximum to make these courses. Keeping in mind that the horse is the main character and that it has to come out of the ring happy."

"The last stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour will be very important for the riders themselves to succeed to prove their worth. So I'll have to be at the same level with them. I think it is the crowning of a season, all horses and riders arrived in top form and therefore it is very important to be able to build for them in such a way that they can show all their qualities."


Watch the Finals live on GCTV this Saturday! 

What's at stake with Uliano Vezzani

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