18 August 2023

The History of Longines Tops International Arena

The History of Longines Tops International Arena

Sometimes, it takes a visionary equestrian to create the kind of venue that other riders dream about.

 That’s certainly the case at the world-famous Longines Tops International Arena: Dutch Olympic gold medalist, Global Champions Tour Founder & President, and lifelong sporting entrepreneur Jan Tops’ state-of-the-art showgrounds in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.

At Longines Tops International Arena, which opened in 2015, Tops has created a venue that brings together his greatest passions: horses, world-class sport, and entertainment. “Seeing a very good horse jump is, for me, the most beautiful thing there is. I also like to watch a good football match or a top race in Formula 1. I am interested in everything that is top sport and performed at a high level,” Tops said.

Longines Tops International Arena is the pinnacle of that vision, with every aspect carefully considered based on decades of dedication and experience. From the start, horses were at the heart of the facility’s design, from its state-of the art 125m x 85m grass arena, to the cantering track, and its premier-quality footing populating the four sand arenas. Back at the stable, 500 impeccably crafted stalls offer a safe, comfortable environment for both horses and their caretakers. In short: the best show jumping facilities available, for the best horses in the world. But Tops didn’t stop there.

With the idea to create a one-of-a-kind destination not just for sport, but also lifestyle and entertainment, Longines Tops International Arena offers a luxurious experience for VIP guests, sponsors, and spectators. A dramatic, raised wooden walkway leads to the multi-level VIP hospitality lounges—among them the panoramic SkyBox—with views overlooking the grass and sand arenas. There, a sophisticated array of fine wines, champagne, and dynamic cuisine are on offer throughout the day.

Additional seating is available in two grandstands, also overlooking the main competition arena, which feature gravity-defying, free-standing wooden rooves and seating for 3,000. Meanwhile, the Place de Concours and Shopping Village offer a little something for every member of the family. Highlights include face painting, Longines carousel rides, and other children’s activities—as well as a champagne bar, shopping boutiques, art installations, and delicious, international food vendor stalls for the adults.

Finally, after sundown, Longines Tops International Arena comes alive with a pulsating nightlife experience and vibrant lineup of evening events, including exclusive parties hosted by renowned DJs.

Said Tops, “We have curated an incredible lineup of world-class riders, and together with the entertainment and family fun, we aim to create an unforgettable experience for our audience.”

My vision is clear. Only the best for the best.
Jan Tops - Founder & President