26 February 2021

Ones to watch: Doha Falcons

Ones to watch: Doha Falcons

The 2021 GCL team series will next weekend in Doha, with riders and team managers chomping at the bit to get started in their bid for a successful season campaign. But if you’re not sure who you should be supporting here in Qatar’s capital city, we have the lowdown on the home city team.

The Doha Falcons will be soaring into the stunning AL SHAQAB for their home city event, kick starting the charge for the Championship. This year, each team will consist of six formidable riders, including one U25 star who will be given the opportunity to compete at the highest level on a global stage. 

In 2021 the Doha Falcons welcome one new face to their stable. Joining team favourites Bassem Mohammed (QAT), Mike Kawai (JPN), Titouan Schumacher (FRA), Yuri Mansur (BRA), and U25 rider Philip Houston (GER) is Constant van Paesschen (BEL). Be sure to keep an eye on this team and their tactics from one event to the next in the 2021 race to the finals and to the GCL Super Cup Final at the GC Prague Playoffs!

Mike Kawai (JPN) will return as a U25 rider for the team, the young talent already well embedded with the team’s anchor riders as he trains at Tops International Arena alongside Bassem and the Qatari riders. He will be joined by U25 rider Philip Houston (GER), as the team makes the most of young talent in this new season once again. 

But which of the riders will the team choose to field for this event, knowing that a strong result on home turf could help lay down the gauntlet for the rest of the season to come? Will competing on home turf be an advantage, or will it add extra pressure in an already high octane competition? One thing is for sure however, the Doha Falcons will be looking to you for your support, so make some noise as they enter the arena and get behind your home city team this weekend! 

Doha Falcons

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