07 July 2023

Next Stop: A Coruña

Next Stop: A Coruña

Excitement is building as the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) and GCL series gears up for its next thrilling destination: A Coruña. For the very first time, the Longines Global Champions Tour heads to the Spanish City from June 14th to 16th, where it will become the epicenter of world-class equestrian sport, captivating both fans and riders alike.

Arriving in the picturesque Spanish coastal town of A Coruña, at the impressive Casas Novas Equestrian Centre, will bring a weekend of unforgettable show jumping.

A Coruña, known for its vibrant culture, stunning coastline, and historical charm, offers a picturesque backdrop for the exhilarating competition. As one of Spain's major urban centers, it seamlessly combines tradition with modernity, creating a unique atmosphere that will undoubtedly enhance the event.

As the Longines Global Champions Tour continues its journey around the world, A Coruña stands ready to welcome riders, spectators, and equestrian enthusiasts for an unforgettable event. The city's rich heritage, combined with its passion for sport, will undoubtedly make this stop on the tour a truly remarkable one.

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