29 February 2024

Longines Global Champions Tour Explained - The Ultimate Individual Challenge

Longines Global Champions Tour Explained - The Ultimate Individual Challenge

The 2024 Longines Global Champions Tour marks the commencement of the ultimate individual championship race with 16 stops worldwide. 

Horses and riders face challenges in technical courses, diverse arenas, and intense competition. Top equine and human talent compete across Asia, Europe, The Americas, and the Middle East, starting in Doha and travelling to prominent locations like Miami Beach, Mexico City, Monaco, Paris, Shanghai, and more. The tour culminates in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where points earned contribute to the overall championship finale at the GC Playoffs.

The coveted Longines Global Champions Tour World Champion title, won by Harrie Smolders in 2023, is at stake. A secondary race for glory involves winning a Golden Ticket, qualifying for the Longines Global Champions Tour Super Grand Prix at the GC Playoffs in November. Only 15 tickets are available, awarded through victories in LGCT Grand Prix classes.

The LGCT Grand Prix, a highlight of each event, features jumps set at 1.60m. Riders can choose horses based on suitability for each event, and 40 horse-rider combinations qualify for each LGCT Grand Prix through a 5* class. Points are awarded in the LGCT Grand Prix at each stage throughout the year, contributing to the overall championship ranking, with riders competing for a share in an extensive prize fool. Each riders best 8 scores throughout the season count to their points tally. 

Each LGCT Grand Prix winner secures a Golden Ticket for the LGCT Super Grand Prix, adding excitement to the 16-leg tour and the quest for the Champion of Champions title in 2023.

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