20 November 2021

GCL Super Cup New Rule Explained

GCL Super Cup New Rule Explained

We have a brand new rule in all rounds of the GCL Super Cup for 2021!


Official rule: "Athletes eliminated, retiring or not completing their round for any reason during the GCL Super Cup Quarter-Final will – contrary to the provisions of article 5.20 – receive the result of the most severely penalised athlete of all other riders competing in the GCL Super Cup Quarter-Final + 50 penalty points in addition; the total established accordingly will be added to the results of the remaining riders of the team in question. If the athlete eliminated or having retired has him-/herself been the most severely penalised of all athletes in the competition, before being eliminated or retiring, 50 penalty points will be added to his/her score.​"


In simple terms: If a rider is eliminated or retires the team will not be eliminated instead the rider will get a total of 50 faults + the worst score of the class. 


Example: Yesterday in the GCL Super Cup Quarter Final. Hamburg Giants rider Suus Kyuten retired mid-course so received a total of 76 faults for the team which was 50 faults + the worst-ranked rider in the class, Mike Kawai on 26 faults. 


If two riders in a team get eliminated or retire then the team will be eliminated. 

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