02 March 2022

Brand New Team Talk: Watch now!

Brand New Team Talk: Watch now!

This year we have added many new exciting features to our content on GCTV. On Wednesday in Doha we saw our first Team Talk take place during the warm up class under the lights. Our ideas for this chat show was to help our viewers experience the live natural atmosphere of the warm up class which is normally not shown on the live. Without a full studio structure we are able to have informal chats with passing riders. The casual chats include a more personal level hearing their thoughts on what is going on at the show. 

Hosted by Frederik de Backer we aim to get an insight into the riders thoughts on the team line up for the weekend as well as the current rankings of each team as the Championship race gets into full swing. 

This week we heard from U25 rider Jack Whitaker part of Madrid in Motion who returns to Doha after jumping here in 2020. Fredrick mentions Jack is being thrown ‘straight into the deep end’ jumping the GCL round one on the top stallion Equine America Valmy de la Lande. Alongside Jack we also heard from last weeks Grand Prix winner Marcus Ehning who is of course ‘hoping to do the same again’ this week. Ehning is part of the defending champions Valkenswaard United and although they have lost the mighty Peder Fredricson, they have gained John Whitaker making them ‘one of the most experienced teams’. Marcus does however, have a slightly different maybe less experienced team of horses for this years season after many of his stable stars retired. He is looking forward to stepping the younger ones up hoping they can accept the challenge and fill the big shoes left.  

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