05 October 2023

All In Equestrian becomes 2024 team kit supplier for GCL

All In Equestrian becomes 2024 team kit supplier for GCL

All in Equestrian, a new equestrian initiative within H&M Group, will offer a contemporary and functional collection of apparel for riders, starting this autumn. Today the team is proud to announce its collaboration with GCL, where they will be the team kit supplier for 2024.

With H&M’s long history of sponsorship in the equestrian world, All in Equestrian makes a natural continuance bringing the deep knowledge and passion to dress both top athlete riders and the broader horse community.

"We are excited to take the next step in our journey. As a new breed of equestrian apparel, we are beyond proud to dress the teams at GCL. Our aim is to bring together top sport and fashion in a new way, and from the close collaboration with our broad community we know that there is a big interest in an equestrian collection accessible for everyone" says Petra Leijon af Burén, Managing Director at All In Equestrian.

The name, All In Equestrian, is a tribute to the legendary horse H&M All In, one of the most successful horses of all times.

"I feel honored on behalf of H&M All In. He’s truly a legend and it is beautiful to see his name continuing to live with this new initiative. I’m equally proud to be part of this new journey together with my team H&M riders Malin, Nicola and Olivier, where we as a professional riders can share our experiences as input to the design of All In Equestrian" says Peder Fredricson, Swedish equestrian and former world number one.

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with All In Equestrian as the team kit supplier for the 2024 GCL season. All In Equestrian, as part of the H&M Group, embodies a commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of the equestrian world. With their contemporary and functional apparel collection, they are set to elevate the experience of our riders and resonate with the broader horse community. This collaboration marks a natural continuance of H&M's longstanding tradition of supporting equestrian excellence, and we look forward to a successful journey together in the upcoming season." a GCL Spokesperson said.

The first collection for women, men and young riders will be sold exclusively on during the autumn 2023 and will be available in 12 markets in Europe from start.

All In Equestrian is a venture within H&M Group and will be available online in Sweden, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Follow All in Equestrian on social media; Instagram (@allinequestrian), Facebook (@allinequestrianofficial) and Tiktok (@allinequestrian)

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