20 February 2024

Aiming for Success: New York Empire’s GCL team for 2024

Aiming for Success: New York Empire’s GCL team for 2024

The stage is set, the horses are ready, and the riders are geared up for another exhilarating season of GCL. New York Empire Powered by Lugano Diamonds today announces its sensational squad for the 2024 season, poised to dominate the international circuit.

Led by the indomitable spirit of Team Owner and Rider, Georgina Bloomberg, New York Empire embodies a unique blend of sporting prowess and unwavering team camaraderie. With the iconic New York skyline adorning their logo, the team’s signature black and red colors will be showcased across the globe, epitomising the fusion of elegance and power in the sport of show jumping.

Georgina Bloomberg, remains at the helm of the team, steering alongside renowned riders Denis Lynch, Scott Brash, Spencer Smith, Jodie Hall McAteer, and new signing to the team for 2024 Paris Sellon. Together, they form a six-strong roster, each bringing their own expertise and passion to the arena.

The team's ambition knows no bounds as they aim to make a strong start in the early rounds of GCL competitions. With champions like Scott Brash and Denis Lynch anchoring the team, supported by the experience of Georgina Bloomberg and the talents of rising stars like Spencer Smith, Paris Sellon, and Jodie Hall McAteer, New York Empire is primed for success.

Emphasising the importance of teamwork, Georgina Bloomberg highlights the pride each rider feels in representing New York Empire. She acknowledges the invaluable contribution of her behind-the-scenes support team, whose strategic planning and rider selection have been instrumental in the team’s journey.

Team owner and rider Georgina Bloomberg spoke of her team saying: "We have had some bad luck the last few seasons, but I believe in our team and hope we can be more competitive. With an Olympic year I know the games will be a focus for a few of our riders. I am going to be rooting them on and trying to fill in the gaps whenever they come up. We have Paris Sellon joining us this season and she has some great horses and is an upcoming American rider who can put in some great results; I’m looking forward to having her as a part of it. I think we will have a nice balance of younger riders and experienced ones and I’m excited to see us all come together to fight for a few wins."

As the GCL season kicks off, New York Empire looks forward to receiving enthusiastic support from fans around the world. With sponsorships from Lugano Diamonds and support for Georgina’s charity, The Rider’s Closet, the team remains deeply rooted in its commitment to excellence both on and off the field.

The electrifying atmosphere of each GCL event will be amplified by the iconic anthem, “Empire State of Mind,” as New York Empire Powered by Lugano Diamonds takes center stage, ready to showcase their best performances in what promises to be another thrilling showdown.

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Jan Tops - Founder & President