12 May 2022

4 things you missed on day one of LGCT Madrid

4 things you missed on day one of LGCT Madrid

Are you ready for the Longines Global Champions Tour of Madrid? We’ve got some fun facts from day one for you…


1. Isabella Russekoff flew straight in from New York to Madrid in time for the warm-up class after completing her Finals exams at University in America


2. Jur Vrieling opted for a scooter as his mode of transport for the course walk for the warm up to class


3. Team owner of Scandinavian Vikings, Geir Gulliksen confirmed he has already made his selection for the GCL team class this week which will be himself and Yuri Mansur for both rounds


4. The warm-up class featured the open water jump and all combinations breezed over it with ease. It is confirmed the open water will not feature again until the LGCT Grand Prix of Madrid on Saturday. 

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