World's Best Horses Arrive at LGCT Miami Beach


Today 97 of the world's top international horses arrived in LGCT Miami Beach, in preparation for next week's leg of the Championship race. Coming straight from the first event of the 2018 season in Mexico City, two flights landed at MIA before the horses were given a police escort to their air conditioned stables on Miami Beach. 


With horse welfare a top priority, there was close co-operation with the United States Department of Agriculture for the arrival and the settling in of the horses. Experienced grooms accompanied the stars of show jumping to look after their every need throughout the flight, and were joined by vets and Peden Bloodstock who supervised the operation from start to finish. 


As per humans, the horses travel with their own passports which include all the key details and information allowing a smooth and organised process. In the same way that humans benefit from premium conditions, the travel arrangements had been carefully planned to run like clock-work, maximising efficiency and ensuring the most comfortable travelling set up for the equine athletes.


Once the flight had landed at Miami International Airport, the horses were transferred to special waiting transportation trucks where they were given a police escort to the venue. The unloading process from the aircraft was fast and efficient to minimise time, and after landing all the horses were settled comfortably in their stables at the show ground by the beach. 


The horses will be kept under US quarantine conditions, before next week's action kicks off on the sands of Miami Beach. To see the full behind the scenes album, check out the LGCT Official Facebook Page.


For a full weekend schedule of LGCT Miami Beach, taking place from 5-7th April, please click here.