The Insider - Don’t Miss First Episode Today at 7pm CET!

The brand new magazine show The Insider will premiere today at 7pm CET on GCTV with fascinating insights and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with the sport’s movers and shakers. 


In the first episode top trainer Jessica Kürten, two-time Olympic rider and Team Manager for the Prague Lions, lifts the lid on the high stakes off-season transfer moves signing new riders including Sergio Alvarez Moya to boost the team’s firepower in the highly competitive GCL. 


The Insider will be broadcast on Wednesday at 7pm CET after each event of the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL in 2020. Presenter Frederik De Backer and his guests will follow the incredible stories of the LGCT individual and GCL team series, with in-depth analysis of the latest competitions and predictions for the next events for show jumping fans worldwide. 


Don’t miss today’s kick off episode where Jessica reveals the dramas around the transfer activity as Prague Lions recruited top new riders to their squad and her forecast for the 2020 season.


Jessica also reflects on the incredible development of the LGCT and GCL circuit over the past few years, saying “What Jan Tops has put into place here [with the Global Champions Tour] is really visionary. When we think about what came with the Global Champions League and how it has moved from year to year… where we have reached now is absolutely amazing in the sport”.


Don’t miss tonight’s first episode of The Insider! Tune in to GCTV via our website from 7pm CET to watch it all.