Stay At Home Special: GCTV Replay - GCL Mexico City 2019

Our Stay At Home Special series continues this week with a GCTV Replay of the GCL round 2 from Mexico City 2019. We take you back to some of the best moments of the 2019 season in these exclusive replays, and you can re-live every minute of the exciting action from beginning to end as we replay our GCL Round 2 competitions from the most amazing locations in our sport.



On Sunday 12 April from 18:00 BST/19:00 CET, Stay At Home Special: GCTV Replay brings you the GCL Round 2 of Mexico City 2019. As the fierce competition played out in the stunning grass arena in Chapultepec Park, teams employed all their skill and tactics in their bid for glory in this second leg of the 2019 season. Tune in to Stay at Home Special: GCTV Replay to watch it all this weekend!