Stay At Home Special: GCTV Replay - GCL Hamburg 2019

This week we head back to the tour's first stop of the season in Germany - the GCL of Hamburg 2019. The event saw some key changes in the leaderboard as the top teams battled for the top spots, and breathtaking action unfolded from start to finish. 


A new power pairing emerged as St Tropez Pirates fielded Pieter Devos and Olivier Robert, who pulled off their second consecutive win at the GCL Hamburg, and in doing so, dramatically narrowed the lead of Shanghai Swans in the overall team championship ranking. 


The Pirates fought off attacks from strong teams including Paris Panthers, with an impressive display from U25 rider and team owner Jennifer Gates riding Capital Colnardo and Nayel Nassar with Lucifer V who took third today.


A beaming Olivier of the Pirates said “It was a wonderful afternoon, and I’m so happy to be with Pieter today and this year."


A delighted Jennifer Gates said “It was surreal. Standing up [on the podium] with some of the riders I idolise is an incredible honour - the crowd in Hamburg have been incredibly supportive so it’s really, really fun. I’m so proud [of my team].”


You can re-live every minute of the dramatic action from this team competition this weekend in our GCTV Replay of GCL R2 Hamburg 2019 - tune in on Sunday 10 May from 18:00 BST/19:00 CET to watch it all!