Movers and Shakers: One Big Striker Change for 6.4million euro GCL Super Cup Final

Photo: GCL / Stefano Grasso

After last night’s breathtaking Longines Global Champions Tour Super Grand Prix we now turn to the epic finale of the GCL  Super Cup here in the spectacular O2 Area, where 6.4million euros in prize money is on offer. 


A single and very important change has occurred in this afternoon’s line-up for the GCL Super Cup final. The championship winners, London Knights, will hand the reins to team manager Ben Maher and Explosion W. Explosion W needs no introduction, his name is etched into Global Champions history after winning multiple LGCT Grand Prix this season and being a vital member of the Champion GCL team. 


Looking at this season performances we can see an inverse relationship between performance and today’s starting order. On average London Knights have two faults per round compared to the semi-final leading team Madrid in Motion who average 4.3 faults per round. When it comes to speed, London Knights are again leading as the fastest team on average all season whereas Madrid in Motion are the slowest of the six teams. Crucially, 3.5 seconds separate London Knights and Madrid in Motion which is lifetime in our nail-biting sport.


It seems Madrid in Motion, Scandinavian Vikings and Paris Panthers have found a winning formula, maintaining the same teams from the quarter, semis and now final.


With only hours left until the GCL champions descend the O2 Arena which team will you be cheering for? Don’t forget, you can catch all the action live on GC TV  at 14.30 hours CET, 13.30 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), 08.30 hours EST (Eastern Standard Time) and 21.30 CST (China Standard Time).


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