Meet the Team: Cascais Charms

The Cascais Charms are back for 2020! The home team of the stunning event in Cascais, Estoril on the Portugese coast return for another season of top-level sport.


Combining experienced riders with young talent, this team is sure to return to the circuit with a bang this year. The line-up features Carlos Lopez, Roger-Yves Bost, François Mathy Jr, René Lopez, Sadri Fegaier and U25 Jack Whitaker. This marks Jack Whitaker's first year riding on the GCL team circuit, and his experienced team members will be looking to pass on their wisdom while making the most of this new talent.


At the opening leg in Doha, the team fielded Jack Whitaker with Scenletha, and Francois Mathy with Uno de la Roque. While the first event of the season didn't quite go their way, with several riders in the team known for the their fast and accurate riding, this is a team to be watched.