Photo: GCL / Stefano Grasso

Last year the Miami Celtics smashed the GCL Mexico City round, with new recruit and U25 superstar Michael Duffy putting in an impressive debut for the team. We caught up with the Irish talent to reflect on that win, and how he'll be coming back stronger still this year... 


Take us back to the moment the Miami Celtics won GCL Mexico City in 2018 - what did it mean to you? 


It meant the world to me. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, being my first GCL. But it far greatly exceeded my expectations!


What are you most looking forward to specifically about Mexico City this year? 


There are so many good parts to the show in Mexico City. I loved the arena and the amazing backdrop, but the best part was by far the atmosphere when we were jumping. The place was buzzing.  


What sets the Miami Celtics apart from the other teams? 


I think we’re quite different to a lot of teams, as we have a great team spirit. Our Manager, Helena Stormanns, really pulls us all together and we get along great. 


What type of horse do you feel is best suited to the Mexico City arena and what's the team's strategy for this event? 


I think you need a really brave horse for the big grass ring in Mexico City. It’s an amazing arena but I can imagine some less experienced horses could find it intimidating. Your horse also needs to be really fit there. 


Our strategy is quite simple really. Jump as many clear rounds as we can. We have a really strong team there and are fighting to be back on top of the podium again. 


What does it mean to you personally to be able to compete in the GCL again this year? 


It’s honestly a great honour, and a privilege to compete for the Miami Celtics in the GCL again this season. It is an amazing concept, and nail biting to watch and compete in. 


I can’t wait to put on our team jacket again!