Home City Team - Ones to Watch: Prague Lions

Photo: The Prague Lions

This month will see home city team, Prague Lions, take centre stage for the glittering new GC Playoffs. Comprising of Peder Fredricson (SWE), Gerco Schroder (NED), Niels Bruynseels (BEL), Ales Opartny (CZE) and U25 rider Anna Kellnerova (CZE), the team are fiercely competitive and looking for a top result this week.


Powered by the Czech Equestrian Team, the Lions are a powerful mix of experience and fresh talent, with some formidable combinations lining up already this season. With top sport going right down to the wire at each event, the team have been fighting for every valuable point, knowing one rail could make all the difference between winning and losing their place at the sharp end of the grid. 


Peder Fredricson said: "To win any of these shows you really have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone - none of the riders are going to give away a victory so you have to go in and fight for it.


"For sure everyone comes to ride that class to win it. We’ll hope to have our horses in the best shape, and ourselves in the best shape, and of course we’ll try to win it.


So far this season the team have had a mix of results, their best being a breathtaking win from Anna and Gerco in Miami Beach - the pair pulling out all the stops in one of the most dazzling arenas on the circuit to claim their first victory of the season and bag valuable points in their fight for supremacy. Team manager Jessica Kurten made a brilliant decision during the mid-season transfer window, similar to soccer, bringing on board Peder Fredricson and his string of formidable horses, with the experienced Swedish rider delivering from the word go. A third place in Rome, and further 9 top ten finishes mean the team head in to GC Playoffs confident and looking strong for a podium result.


But which combination of horses and riders will take centre stage in Prague this month? And will the extra pressure of performing on home turf be a boost or a downfall? One thing is for sure, the Lions will be looking for your support, so be sure to cheer on the gold and navy team as they fight for a home win at the spectacular O2 Arena!